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A Global Team

Our mission is to be better, faster, smarter to create the most useful and engaging products for kids. Get to know our team below


Danilo Pantovich

Co-Founder & Publisher

Danilo is dedicated to revolutionizing the way kids read today. He’s an avid reader and a believer in lifelong self-education.


Emily Fuggetta

Chief Editor

Emily is an editor based in Portland, Oregon. When she’s not working, she loves exploring the Northwest with her horse and pit bull — and reading, of course!


Elena Hogan

Senior Writer

Elena is an author with dozens of books to her name. Her mother was a writer too, which is why Elena got her degree in English and teaching. Away from work, she has three children.


Maxim Kislyasnky

Co-Founder & Marketing

Maxim is a grad student at Columbia University and a voracious reader. He used to be a professional tennis player and a boxer.


Polina Iva


Polina’s been an artist all her life. She draws inspiration from books, music and quirky cartoons.


Erika Bergara

Business Operations

Erika loves books, traveling, the beach and is a small scale urban farmer.


Darya Toka


Darya is a painter, photographer and enthusiastic runner. She draws inspiration from beautiful scenery.


Johnny Friel

Story Writer

Johnny has worked as a teacher in Bangkok and Hanoi for over 5 years before discovering his true love of writing. When he is not writing, he likes to watch Marvel movies, practice baking or play chess online.

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