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A Global Team

Our mission is to be better, faster, smarter to create the best interactive books for kids. Get to know our team below


Danilo P.


Danilo is dedicated to revolutionizing the way kids read today. He’s an avid reader and a believer in lifelong self-education.


Elena H.

Senior Writer

Elena is an author with dozens of kids books to her name. Her mother was a writer too, which is why Elena got her degree in English and teaching. Away from work, she has three children.


Louis H.

App Consultant

Louis is a 22-year veteran of multimedia production spanning game, tv, film, print, and web. Louis has worked as Senior Production Manager for Walt Disney’s Interactive TV division in the UK and is also the founder of WordWoof – an independent videogame studio in Las Vegas.


Maxim K.


Maxim is a grad student at Columbia University and a voracious reader. He used to be a professional tennis player and a boxer.


Polina I.


Polina’s been an artist all her life. She draws inspiration from books, music and quirky cartoons.


Oksana P.

Chief Marketing

Oksana Petersen lives in Singapore and has been working in the marketing industry for the past 7 years. In her free time, she makes cheese, runs marathons and maintains a small-scale hydroponic farm.


Darya T.


Darya is a painter, photographer and enthusiastic runner. She draws inspiration from beautiful scenery.


Johnny F.

Story Writer

Johnny has worked as a teacher in Bangkok and Hanoi for over 5 years before discovering his true love of writing. When he is not writing, he likes to watch Marvel movies, practice baking or play chess online.

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