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01. There was a problem

Getting our kids to read is more difficult now than ever. As soon as TV sets started appearing in living rooms around the world, children have been finding excuses to avoid picking up books.

Over the years, the problem has been made many times worse with video games, smartphones and social media.

Reading is on the decline, and the stats tell us that only a small percentage of kids (approximately 1 in 4) read in their spare time.

It’s the lowest on record, and it’s only getting worse.

The problem is, without reading, a child’s brain doesn’t develop properly — and with that comes behavioral problems, a low attention span, poor grades, and worse.


02. Magic of reading

Some of our team members were fortunate to have parents who were writers. They often created stories that intertwined with our interests, writing about characters we already loved. And it worked! This little trick has sparked a lifetime reading habit for many of us.

It’s a simple recipe, but it’s a little trickier when you try to put it into practice today. Publishers rarely choose something children really care about. But that’s not all.

The advance of technology has decreased the average child attention span dramatically. Traditional reading just doesn’t stand a chance against dopamine factories that dominate app stores today.

But instead of declaring war on gaming and technology, we decided to work with them.


03. What are we doing

We do that by creating interactive stories for kids around games such as Minecraft and Roblox. Combined, they have over 350 millions players worldwide – a huge audience eager to engage with game worlds beyond computer screens.

Our interactive story books work in tandem with these platforms, and we employ a variety of interactive elements to make our books resemble gaming without losing any of the benefits of traditional reading.

Aside from our story books for kids, we produce challenging puzzles, crosswords, quizzes, and activity books for stimulating a young mind. Not only that, but we also use digital treasure haunts, virtual points giveaways and interactive “choose your adventure” elements across all our products.

And it’s working. We’ve already inspired tens of thousands of children to take up reading around the globe, but we want to inspire more… many, many more!

A Global Team

We do not just write interactive story books, but
we are changing the world of children’s literature.

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