You’ll never guess who the impostor is in this collection of unofficial Among Us books!

The Among Us Collection of Stories pulls kids into their favorite impostor adventure series and launches readers into space with two pulse-pounding full-length Among Us diaries and The Pro Guide to Among Us — plus exciting coloring pages to keep the fun going!

In Among Us: Diary 1, Red and Captain White join forces to make sure disaster doesn’t strike like it has in the past — but as soon as the crew hits space, an impostor is at it again. Will they put a stop to the murders before there’s no one left to save?

In Among Us: Diary 2, experience and Among Us crewmate’s first time in space! Scarlet is an impostor himself — but with the best intentions. The same can’t be said for the mysterious killer sharing the ship. Will Scarlet’s past ensure his present doom, or can he find the real impostor — the bad one! — to clear his name and save his crew?

The Among Us Diaries is an action-packed adventure series based on the virtual world of Among Us. These diary-style novels and game guide are a non-stop thrill for boys and girls of all ages and reading levels!